About Child Custody Rights

Child custody rights issues are among the most challenging area of family law, the legal and emotional complexities contributing to bitter and drawn-out disputes. However, despite the intimidating nature of the legal system, there’s no need for disagreements over child custody right deteriorating into a long and unpleasant legal battle. Though it may seem hard [...]

Child Custody Lawyers

When is it time to hire a child custody lawyer? How do you know which child custody lawyer is right for you? If you’re serious about keeping your children, you’ll want to know this…

Child Custody in a Divorce

Settling the matter of child custody in a divorce can be one of the stickiest subjects that a family needs to resolve. At issue or some of the central issues of your child’s life, such as who makes decisions regarding their education, religion, and what they can and cannot do. Also at stake is the central question of where the child will live, and what visitation rights will be granted.

Visitation Rights

Child visitation rights can be one of the stickiest issues in family law. Some of accommodations that a family might come to include weekend visitation, holiday visitation, monthly visitation, or a custom arrangement.

Japan Law

Japan Law Although it has historical roots in the ancient Chinese and other legal systems, contemporary Japanese Law is a civil law (as opposed to common law) system similar to that of France or Germany. The Six Codes of Japanese Law The core of Japanese statutory law is composed of the so-called “Six Codes” (?? ropp?). [...]


Koseki Introduction to the Koseki Family Registration System in Japanese Law The Koseki plays a central role in Japanese Family Law — it is your birth certificate, death certificate, marriage license, and census information all rolled into one. What is the Koseki? The koseki is the Japanese system of Family Registration, by which births, deaths, [...]

Japanese Citizenship

Japanese Citizenship A straightforward introduction to the law surrounding Japanese citizenship, intended for foreign-born individuals wondering if they qualify for Japanese citizenship, those struggling with dual citizenship/ nationality issues, as well as people looking to emigrate to Japan. Japanese Citizenship Requirements Most countries confer citizenship either by birth (as in the US, one becomes a [...]

Japan Dual Citizenship

Are you allowed to have dual citizenship in Japan? In contrast to the United States and many other countries, Japan takes a stricter view of individuals holding more than one nationality (dual citizenship). Since the situations and laws can easily become a bit complex, we’re going to provide a bit of context to help paint [...]

Japanese Prefectures

Japanese Prefectures

Japanese Prefectures Japan is divided up into 47 regions called prefectures. A prefecture is an administrative unit generally larger than a city or metropolitan region (with the exception of Tokyo). List of the Prefectures of Japan “Metropolis” Prefecture: Tokyo “Circuit” Prefecture: Hokkaido Urban Prefectures: Osaka Kyoto And 43 Other Prefectures (listed below) Prefectures by Region: [...]

Child Resource Network (CRN) – Japan

CRN Japan Welcome to the home page for the Child Resource Network Japan.  Our site is dedicated to providing information regarding some of the stickiest subjects in family law: Child Custody Lawyers Child Support Divorce Visitation Rights Child Custody Law Our website is currently under construction — apologies for the limited content available here currently. [...]