Child Custody Law

Child Custody Law

Divorce is never easy, but when there is a dispute over custody of the children, matters can become especially complicated very quickly. The field of family law which covers child custody in a divorce is referred to as child custody law, and can be one of the stickiest subjects that a family needs to resolve. At issue are some of the central issues of your child’s life, such as who makes decisions regarding their education, religion, and what they can and cannot do. Also at stake is the central question of where the child will live, and what visitation rights will be granted.

Introduction to Child Custody Law

Prior to a divorce, both parents have joint guardianship over their children, meaning that both have equal rights when it comes to making decisions about things such as where the children will live, how they will be brought up, where they will go to school, what health treatments are appropriate, what religion they will practice, as well as the thousands of smaller issues that make up the daily joys of parenting.

In a divorce, the job of the court is to determine “in the best interests of the child” a new custody arrangement. The court can grant several different types of child custody.

Types of Child Custody:

  • Temporary Custody:The court grants one parent custody rights for a limited time only, such as for the duration of the divorce proceedings.
  • Joint Custody: Both parents are granted equal rights in making decisions regarding the children’s upbringing.
  • Exclusive Custody:The court grants one party legal guardianship of the child. The other parent may or may not be granted some form of visitation rights, depending on the circumstances. In order to be granted exclusive custody, the suing parent must demonstrate that the other parent is not suitable to perform their duties as a parent.
  • Third-party Custody:In some instances neither parent will be deemed fit to perform their duties as a parent, and custody may be granted to a third-party, such as a child’s grandparent or a close family friend such as a godparent.

Learn more about Child Custody Law

This article has barely begun to scratch the surface of child custody law. We will be adding additional content to provide a more comprehensive overview. In the meantime, please consider these resources as an excellent next step to learning more about Child Custody Law:

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