About Child Custody Rights

Child custody rights issues are among the most challenging area of family law, the legal and emotional complexities contributing to bitter and drawn-out disputes. However, despite the intimidating nature of the legal system, there’s no need for disagreements over child custody right deteriorating into a long and unpleasant legal battle. Though it may seem hard to believe, remember that your deepest interests are aligned: mother, father, and lawmakers are all trying to achieve the same thing: an upbringing in the best interests of the child.

Did you know that laws pertaining to child custody rights in most countries derives from universal human rights for children defined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child? The treaty has been ratified by 194 countries — every member of the UN except Somalia and the United States.

Understanding the principles behind the laws used by the court to determine child custody and visitation rights can go a long way towards avoiding costly and painful litigation in the first place. In fact, nearly 95% of child custody disputes are resolved through mediation or an out-of-court settlement.

Here are some recommended resources to help you gain a better understanding of child custody laws, and the particular laws in several US states:

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