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Welcome to the website for CRN Japan (Child Resource Network Japan).

Our goal is to provide you with the web’s best information on the subjects of family law, child custody, child custody lawyers, child visitation rights and other critical elements of Japanese family law. Family law is all about the children!

Building a website is a community process, and we welcome the great resources submitted by our readers, fans, and experts… Family law in Japan is a contentious issue and an emotional one. The best that we can hope to do is provide you with information in an impartial manner, and leave you to explore, learn, and act accordingly.

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4 responses to “CRN Japan”

  1. Rica Haga

    Hello! Im a half filipino-japanese..
    my mother is a filipino and my father is a japanese.. i haven’t saw my father since birth but we still have a communication until now..He also supports me with my financial needs. Im already 24 yrs old, and i would like to see my father.. I wanted to meet him. I would like to ask a few question about the citizenship and how can i possibly go to there to meet my father..
    first :
    1. How can i apply for the Japanese Citizenship?
    2. Am i qualified even though my parents are not legally married?
    3. What are the things that i need to do to go there in Japan?

    Please help me out with this..

    Thank You Very Much,
    Rica Haga

  2. Totally Unhappy


    As an adult, you will have to go through normal procedures for a Filipino to receive a tourist visa to visit Japan. That’s is the first step for attempting to meet your father. His assurance of a place to stay and financial assistance should it be necessary while in Japan, especially as your biological father, will be very helpful at the Japanese embassy.

    There are multiple websites which provide more in depth and up to date information for Filipinos in your similar situation.

    I am in no way an expert in this area, but it would seem very difficult even though your father is Japanese to receive citizenship. His recognition of you as his child would be a first positive step, but even then, it is no guarantee of obtaining citizenship at your current age and having grown up outside of Japan. Is there any chance that he would like to visit you first? His help would be essential (but maybe not forthcoming, I have to warn you.)

    Have a look around at other websites which may provide you with better insight into your particular situation. Be positive while understanding it is a tough road. Best wishes!

  3. Sonia Santos

    My two daughters are both filipino-japanese and are already 22 and 23 yrs. old. I would like to know how to go about the “nichi” since they were acknowledge only in their filipino birth certificates when they were months old. But where not registered in koseki tohon since we were not married. What kind of help or opportunities do they still have in going after their father after 22 yrs. Both daughters now are college graduates; one is an RN and the other with degree in hotel and restaurant management. They would like to see if they could have a chance to go to japan and work since it is difficult to gain hospital experience in Manila. My other daughter would like to go to culinary arts so she can get a better job. So what happens to all these filipino-japanese whose only fault is being 20 and above year old. Citizenship should be about blood not place of birth; I really feel bad for my two daughters. Can you please advice me on what to do?

  4. rocke

    what does law says about child custody of Japan !Does divorce alien can get back child from
    divorce he or she Japanease even they are single or married ?Is this possible ?

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