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Welcome to the home page for the Child Resource Network Japan.  Our site is dedicated to providing information regarding some of the stickiest subjects in family law:

Our website is currently under construction — apologies for the limited content available here currently. ¬†Please bear with us as we are adding new resources and information on a daily basis!

3 responses to “Child Resource Network (CRN) – Japan”

  1. Marvin

    I have been going through a very intense family court mediation process with my child mother (never marriaged) almost 3 years this November. I am a american I have never seen anything like this. Family Cout Mediators in my opinion are just lost or just don’t care.

  2. Khawar Ali Shah

    Dear sir,
    I shall be obliged if you can give the address of Japani Lawyer, English speaking, and willing to guide and provide legal help
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  3. Andrew

    I have a question about Japanese child custody.
    If an unmarried couple have a child, (Japanese father, Filipino mother) and the father gets custody. But the mother raises the child, can the mother get partial or full custody of the child?

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