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What does CRN stand for?

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  1. Maciej Wojewódka


    Alienated Parents Read for Children are social events, which have begun on Parental Alienation Awareness Day in Cracow (Poland) on April, 25th, 2009.

    The event consists of two integrated parts.

    Part 1

    Alienated and separated parents from their children because of divorce or separation read books, keep contests for children and amuse them, as well! It is a public event for children. During part for children we do not talk about problems, which are discussed at the second part.

    Part 2

    Seminar about emotional violence against children and about problems of sole-custodied children. It is an event for adults, professionals, parents and other intersting in these problems people. It is a part only for adults. After seminar, professionals which act at different fields, alienated and other people can talk to each other about their knowledge and experiences.

    Reading for children helps them to progress of sensitivity, memory, concentration, knowledge, ability of learning, empathy, self-assesmentand emotional skills.

    By dr Douglas Darnall Parental Alienation are “any constellation of behaviors, whether conscious or unconscious, that could evoke a disturbance in the relationship between a child and the other parent”.

    Among harmful methods are child’s fear and anxiety games, emotional blackmail, obstruction of meetings child and second parent and others.

    Alienated Parents Read for Children in Poland are hold under the patronage of Creativity and Innovation European Year 2009 and under honorary patronage of Polish Ombudsman for Children.

    Running: Parental Alienation Warning Committtee (Komitet Przestrogi przed Oddzieleniem Rodzica), website: (Presently only Polish language)

    Photos (Polish and English description):

    Discussion (Presently Polish language):

    I encourage you to arrange similar events in your countries, as well.

  2. Andrew Waddington

    Good site
    We have been a victim of many crimes housing extortion and fraud my children have been abused by the Japanese and I have not seen them for five years my ex wife is silent
    and it is difficult to know if it is fear or collaboration but her conduct has not been sincere she actually God has given us two wonderful children however the Japanese police do not like this they accuse me of rape ( In marraige !) and my wife now claims they are not my blood children so I have no rights to see them so in a way she is saying she committed adultery while we were married also she stole money from me it is hard to prove because I gave the right to do the accounts as a good Japanese husband the list goes on and on so your site is a tool for our human rights thanks

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